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They need to feel wanted and desired by their woman, they quite rightly feel they deserve it.So if you’re a wife not taking care of your husband’s needs in the bedroom I guarantee you he will find another woman who will.I’ve learned from experience that men cheat for a number of reasons and while all roads lead to sex, it’s certainly not the only factor.You’d be amazed how many men start on the path to adultery simply seeking companionship and communication.

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You may not like me and you may not trust me but I do urge you to listen to me as I have the secrets that can save your relationships and affair-proof your marriages.

With regard to Zanna Blumenthal I guarantee all was not well at home.

If it had been Heston would not have ditched his lovely wife for Suzanne Pirret, who has been described as America’s answer to Nigella Lawson.

Are you honestly stepping up to the plate with your marital duties and responsibilities?

Or are you delegating your husband’s happiness to another woman?

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