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According to Bem, people's behavior can demonstrate what she defined as situational appropriateness.

Situational appropriateness is demonstrated when behavior is reflective of one's environment.

Bem and her husband Daryl Bem advocated egalitarian marriage.

The husband-wife team became highly demanded as speakers on the negative impacts of sex role stereotypes on individuals and society.

This was the first time such a high-status career had ever been suggested to her.

Her dissertation focused primarily on cognitive processing and problem solving with young children.

At the time, there was a lack of empirical evidence to support their assertions because this was uncharted territory, and so Sandra Bem became very interested and determined to gather data that would support the detrimental and limiting effects of traditional sex roles.

The BSRI was later used to measure psychological flexibility and behavioral indicators. According to the gender schema theory, "the child learns to evaluate his or her adequacy as a person in terms of the gender schema, to match his or her preferences, attitudes, behaviors, and personal attributes against the prototypes stored within it." This theory states that an individual uses gender as a way to organize various things in a person's life into categories.Her main influence while at the University of Michigan was experimental psychologist David Birch.Her early work focused on the behavior of young children and their ability to solve problems, and utilize self-control and instruction. D., Bem got a full-time tenure-track position as a professor at Carnegie-Mellon for three years and then moved on to work at Stanford University, where she worked until 1978.One of Bem's main arguments was that traditional gender roles are restrictive for both men and women, and can have negative consequences for individuals as well as society as a whole.As previously mentioned, a person could be categorized as "androgynous" when taking the BSRI.

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