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It certainly is happening - in certain spots and at certain times more than in others, but the numbers are, over all, fairly small .There are very few hot spots for male homosexual tourism, though, although homosexuality is a public offense in Tunisia..thanks a email is [email protected], The sample code is simply great and also the explanation on the code was really very useful.I also noticed the boolean fields, while in edit mode show a text box, how can i have em show a checkbox instead?

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Millions of tourists from western countries are visiting Tunisia each year - and about half of them are women, because Tunisia is not exactly a typical holiday destination for men only, such as Thailand.

Defining Create Templated Grid View This is an important method which shows how to use the class only for post backs!

Why is it done for all post backs and not just the first time?

Header Text = datatable.columns[i].columnname Item Tmp Field.

Actually, at each post back a dynamically templated Grid View cannot be presented from View State so we have to create and bind it explicitly using this method on all post backs.

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