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In some such tours, the men and potential brides interact in brief parties arranged by the hosting company.

A large number of romance tours take place every year throughout the world.

The ultimate goal of the tour is for the man to find a compatible wife.

Romance tours are just one part of the mail-order bride business, which may also include catalogs, CD-ROMs and the Internet.

These tours are aimed at single, usually older guys who want to find an Asian bride but want a little more help along the way.

Romance tours generally involve spending a week or two in an Asian hotel and attending a couple of social events.

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First of all choose a country whose women you like.The Hospitality Suite Staff will always be there for you to guide you whenever you face any problem or difficulties in the tour.They would provide you with translators and arrange romantic dates for you whenever someone catches your fancy.Sure, there's no guarantee you won't meet plenty of gold diggers and visa hunters, but then as a man you're gonna be a target for gold digging women regardless of which country they're from. I've not heard too many bad things said about romance tours. Romance tours from companies like A Foreign Affair are pretty darned expensive.I'd say that if you have the money, and if you're not that well travelled, then romance tours are worth a look.

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