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All the other men that I only just talked to by phone were basically the same; they just talked about their ex-wives non-stop, or they talked about themselves non-stop and trying to promote their business, and another guy I spoke to by phone a few times, we actually were supposed to meet up; he cancelled twice so after that I cut off communication.

Then a guy I spoke to only by phone claims he was out of town and could not meet up but would "fly" back to meet me later sometime (yeah right).

This is just being honest: many women are going through menopause and child birth really curtails sex for them- just nature. However, I don't like thae fact that it connects through FB and even displays some information from FB, such as education. It is a cool dating app and you can easily get in touch with other singles but the people are very superficial. But like a lot of things its got more competition these days is the site that is working best for me personally ATM for instance - and that makes it some thing of a buyers market. People from all over the country pop up on your phone, thousands of miles away.

Well there is always that 30 something mother of my friends of my son who has been hitting on me and wants an affair- damn what??? Isnt that overture a little more inappropriate than what Im trying to do? I prefer old-school-dating-sites like Mingle2Day, Match and Cupid because I don't feel comfortable with Tinder displaying some of my FB details but overall experience was nice. , i'm not talking about what kind of guys you can meet there, of course, all people are different and maybe not possible to meet a serious guy there, but help team keeping silence and they blocked me as soon as i paid for tinder plus for a month, they blocked me twice, because of "other guys complaining", but this is not true, i was everytime very polite, trying to match an american guy, i guess americans really weird, they can complain on ur profile because you are ignoring them, but as a fact tinder team blocked me and didn't return money for tinder plus monthly subscription, they don't stay in touch and don't reply my messages. Tinder is a good site but dont limit yourselves guys. Maybe not bad if you are looking for a hookup but if you really want to find someone special Mingle2day and e Harmony haver a better concept, in my opinion. If I had just stuck with Tinder I wouldnt have had the dates ive had on WJF. Tinder doesn't don't say where they're from.

Seriously this is what I was dealing with on Tinder and for me it was just a waste of time, I was just hoping to meet someone to maybe go out and date and get to know, these guys didn't even make it to that level the majority of them didn't last after the first real conversation. Three stars because lot of people just misunderstud the concept of it. First off Im 48, not at all ugly, and in good shape, and retired?!

Also I can't even tell you how many times I swiped left. Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like that are a tad more 'underground' and have people who know the internet better and IMHO are just more interesting It's easy to use. The app idea itself is great- my problem is Im in an open marriage- yeah well sorry after years of working on our intimacy shes gone through child birth and menopause and intimacy really low and mine is not! Im still prefacing this all: I am a personable attractive person looking for friendship and intimacy- that is apparently NOT OK with womens 30-50 in Bay Area Ca.

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the other guy I met this guy cussed so much it was unreal, literally every other word was profanity and again he looked nothing like his picture and upon meeting he asked me very inappropriate questions about my personal life.I talked to a really nice rubenesque (I like that- sometimes they are a lot less vain) and we were having a really great talk ab everything! So u have to list your height and that u are a good person and honest (I always have been) and that you arent a man and you will commit to LTR forever just because they can take selfies and list every accomplishment? You have to be clear on your little write up of yourself- heres the critique: the write up area should contain more characters so you can provide EVERY detail for what is really your interview!I forgot to put my height on my profile- so I was 2 shorter than her and that would throw off her mojo?!?! If u both swipe that u like each others page it opens a text bubble and you can choose to converse- very well done.I have been using this app for a few months, but recently deleted it for a few reasons: 1. Whenever I am in the middle of a text or if he wants to meet me in person, I end up unmatched and the text disappears. For us transgendered ladies out there, we are in the lookout for real relationships, but it's not simple as a flash for most of us, so if Tinder was to improve it's search filters with something like this "Male looking for transgender/ladyboys", this would be much easier because it will only focus on guys who are interested in transgender people.Every time I get a match from someone, I end up getting unmatched probably all because I am a transgendered woman. Other than that, this app was a waste of time and I would never use it again.

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