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She has received a letter recently stating that she will die soon. The hole movie is a series of uninteresting episodes of human life: driving cars slowly around Paris, start a painting, drinking a beer, sit on a sofa..unedited and in real time. 'i like you' 'i like you too', 'but we can't' 'why can't we' 'oh, we can't' - kill me already The main character is a depressed middle age woman that will sleep with every man that spends 3 or 4 minutes with her.

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The memories of the woman who left weigh down on him.

That day Bongwan's wife finds a love note, bursts into the office, and mistakes Areum for the woman who left. One day she receives the parcel she sent to her husband, serving a sentence in prison.

The Baron seduces Claudette, seemingly to teach Victor a lesson.

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However, as might be predicted, he soon falls in love with Claudette himself.

Lew Cody, who was married to Mabel Normand for three and 1/2 years (1926-1930) plays the Baron.

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