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Her breasts couldn't possibly be as nice as her cleavage suggested I used to think to comfort myself. Finally this waste of time they call class had come to an end.

Her rather big but oh so perfect ass looked very beautiful in those tight skirts she used wear. For being so brave to admit it I'll give something."She let go of my hands and grabbed my head.

Through the corner of my I eye I watched her boobs swing and bounce when she walked over to me.

She pulled up a chair in front of my bench and sat down. " Her voice sounded a bit nicer."Well I like the regular stuff." I said "You know, world war two and stuff.""I see." she said "Do you have a problem with me then?

She kissed me hard and long, her boobs pressed against my chest. Shed pulled down my pants all the way to the ground. With her left hand she grabbed my hip, with her other she started to gently insert her dick in my ass.

It was beautifully lubed by my saliva and glistened in the light of the lamps."Stand up." She said while stroking her wet cock. Our dicks met and she grabbed hold of my head again. I had never before had anything put up my ass hole. I could feel the tip of her cock touching the edge of my hole.

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