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Just change the First, note that Subversion has no concept of projects.The repository just stores a versioned directory tree — you may consider certain sub-trees to be projects, but Subversion doesn't treat them differently from any other sub-tree.The main difference is that this particular filesystem doesn't lose data when written to; old tree states can be retrieved as easily the most recent state.Server requirements depend on many factors, such as number of users, frequency of commits and other server related operations, repository size, and the load generated by custom repository hooks. I've installed Subclipse, and it seems to be working fine.

All modern flavors of Unix, Win32, Be OS, OS/2, Mac OS X.

Instead, it is Subversion's repository interface, which is a "versioned filesystem" in the sense that it stores a directory tree whose state is remembered from revision to revision.

Writing programs to access the repository is similar to writing programs that use other filesystem APIs.

Of course, most of the tree is the same as the revision before, except for the parts you changed.

The new revision number is a sequential label that applies to the entire new tree, not just to the files and directories you touched in that revision.

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