Dating katie in gta san andreas

Get your weapon skill upgraded to Hitman by and you'll automatically dual wield the single handed weapons.

CJ can only dual-wield certain weapons which are the Colt. Other weapons will have increased stats for reaching Hitman, such as longer lock on distance and quicker reloads. Despite the name, this mission has nothing to do with Zero.

You can hold down for a few seconds to tell your gang members to stay put, tap up to get them to follow you closely, or hold up to tell them to go home.

There are several places to activate 2-player free roam in San Andreas.

Millie Perkins (- & -) will automatically become your girlfriend after you complete "Key to Her Heart".

The more girlfriends you have, the greater the likeliness one of them will catch you on a date with another girlfriend cheating on them.

Then you'll need to find the parked Black Boxville (Opposite the Gym in Los Santos, In an alley North of the Driving School in San Fierro) and get in then push R3 to start the mission.Once you have enough respect, walk up to them and hold R1 to target them.Now press up on the D-Pad and they will be recruited.Big Smoke and Ryder screwed you over and helped the cops. Sweet was thrown in jail, and you were dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The standard helicopters are usually parked atop the tallest building in Los Santos.The amphibious plane and helicopter are available at the dam in Las Venturas after you complete "Dam and Blast".

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