Dads against daughters dating mug

The only trouble was, the women to whom he lost his heart never reciprocated that loyalty.His first marriage to June Melville, a strong-minded young actress and director, was rocked by her descent into alcoholism.Le Mesurier’s tolerance for ­alcohol was as legendary as his appeal to the fairer sex.But despite that appeal and innumerable opportunities to take advantage of it, when it came to matters of the heart, Le Mesurier was most ­definitely a one-woman guy.A third, meanwhile, would be dispatched to fetch him a sandwich, while Lowe (who played the irascible Captain Mainwaring) waited impatiently for his turn.‘I once actually saw him charm a make-up girl into taking the watch off his wrist, winding it up and then putting it back on again,’ recalls Ian Lavender, who played the naïve Private Pike.But during these early years of marriage, it was Hattie’s career, rather than Le Mesurier’s, which really took off. Then, her partnership with Eric Sykes ­transferred to the television and she became a household name thanks to her role in the popular sitcom Sykes And A… Le Mesurier, meanwhile, popped up in countless British and international movies, including appearances as a frosty maître d’ in 1960’s School For Scoundrels, and a barrister in 1963’s The Pink Panther.

One would be giving him a manicure while another attended to his famous mane (Le ­Mesurier was a connoisseur of shampoos and conditioners and always cared about the quality of his coiffure).

‘And I really can’t see myself ­clambering about at this time of night looking for a ditch.’That’s not to say Le Mesurier didn’t enjoy getting up to mischief. He loved to unwind at jazz clubs and cocktail bars.

After a long day’s filming, he would call up his friends and, in that wonderfully soft, snug and ­languorous tone of his, enquire conspiratorially: “Play time . He relished fine wine, good food and great ­company.

On the set of Dad’s Army it was a standing joke that, even in his dotage, John Le Mesurier could still attract the ladies.

He may have been in his late 50s when he landed the role of the ­debonair Sergeant Wilson but that didn’t stop women young enough to be his daughters throwing themselves at his feet.

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