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Mark's UMC12 - NO MEETINF MOTHER'S DAY17-19 Duffey Farm Watersport Weekend Campout26 - NO MEETING HOLIDAY JUNE 2019 2 - Troop meeting Class B9 - Troop meeting Class B instructions for SC13 - Choptank District Roundtable / OA at St.

Join a remarkable group of speakers, instructors, musicians and attendees for an analog experience at the gate of the Sierra Nevadas.

Mark's UMC12 - SNOW DATE FOR MERIT BADGE COLLEGE PART 113 - Troop meeting Class A prepare for klondike campout20 - am Scout's Own Service at Camp Todd, place Xmas trees in pond for fish habitat 25 - 27 Klondike Invitational at Tuckahoe Steam and Gas FEBRUARY 2019 2 - MERIT BADGE COLLEGE Part 2 at ESHEC at Chesapeake College Wye Mills CLASS A3 - Scout's Own Service / Christmas Tree Project for fish habitat at Camp Todd 7 - Choptank District Roundtable / OA at St.

Mark's UMC9 - SNOW DATE FOR MERIT BADGE COLLEGE PART 2 10 - Troop meeting Class A Turn in Summer Camp Deposit.16 - 17 Ocean City Indoor Camping at Gold Coast Comfort Inn24 - Troop meeting / Induction Ceremony for new scouts MARCH 2019 2 - Scouting for Food bag Distribution 3 - PLC / Troop Meeting Class A Bring in March Camp Out Permission Slip7 - Choptank District Awards Dinner9 - Scouting for Food bag pick-up10 - Troop meeting Class A16 - Eagle Fest ??

Turn off your technology, leave the skyscrapers behind for towering pine trees and ditch the sound of your notifications for the soothing flow of a creek.

If the adults need to do some construction or work in there, do it at home.

Otherwise they will just be getting in the way of the Quartermaster. I prefer setting up two campfires; one for adults and one for Scouts. If you are in a Campsite with only one fire ring the Scouts are in close and adults sit together way in the back. During Sunday morning reflection time no adults speak unless, or until the SPL directs including the Scoutmaster.

Every so often adults attending Scout camping trips just don’t get it (Scouting that is).

I walk into camp and find them sitting in their son’s tent organizing their son’s gear and maybe the tent mate’s gear also or over in his son’s patrol area getting involved in making scrambled eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches. Scout camping is about Scouts and Patrols operating independent of adult interference and ‘help’.

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