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– a single-DIN CD receiver and four-speaker system, instead of steering mounted audio controls and six-speaker, dashboard integrated CD receiver with MP3 and WMA-playback capability for the G and S.The G grade is considered to be a mid-priced model between the E and S grades, retailing at an estimated RM 85,300.Recently, Toyota Malaysia added a fourth grade for the Toyota Vios called the Vios J grade, which is the cheapest and most bare bone grade of the Toyota Vios in Malaysia.Unlike the other grades which are only available with an automatic transmission, the Toyota Vios J grade has the option for a manual transmission gear.So, I went googling to search about suitable product to buy.Basically I found nothing *sad* but I found a product that has great reviews.So, I think it will go away after some time as usual.And I found that, that compact powder does not really cover my pores.

As far as I remember, I only have acne problem during my high school year, form 3- form 4 I guess.

And it wasn't really serious.small pimples on forehead and normal stuff for a teenage girl.

o_O Past few months, I guess 3 months ago, I suddenly notice that pores around my nose became visible.

The truth is, I am lucky to have a good skin since I was born.

(only that my skin will easily get sunburned if I didn't cover my face with sunblock and I will automatically looks like a niggar..hohoh =p). Thanks a looottt to my mum who bought and provided me with a good skincare product since I was in form 4.

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